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A Deep Dive Into Predominant Chords

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Harmony and Chord Progressions

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About A Deep Dive Into Predominant Chords

Video lesson

In this video lesson you will get to see and hear some of the predominant chords we will discuss in this course. The example should make it pretty obvious how awesome those chords sound, and how much they enrich a chord progression no matter the musical genre or style.

Text lesson

In this lesson you learn what qualifies as a predominant chord.

Text lesson

In this lesson you will learn about the different predominant types and where they are derived from. This is where it gets really interesting.

Chapter 1: Overview Of The 7 Predominant Types

Text lesson

Without having a basic understanding of Modal Exchange (Mixture Chords) it is difficult to understand all the different Predominant chords that are derived from a different mode than Ionian = first mode of the C Major Scale. This is what this lesson is about.

Text lesson

This is just a quick introduction of the 7 predominant types we will discuss in detail in this module one by one.

Chapter 2 - Type 1 Predominant Chords (Major Key)

Text lesson

Premium course Overview of Type 1

This is a quick overview of this predominant type.

About the Teacher

Thomas Gunther

Thomas Gunther (Thommy G√ľnther) is a versatile internationally active jazz pianist and keyboardist, music producer, and music educator. Born in Germany, Thomas moved to Chicago after receiving his masters in teaching and performing popular music and jazz piano (from the State University of Arts & Music Stuttgart/Germany) to become the principle pianist with the Chicago Jazz Ensemble. Soon he formed his own bands playing piano and keyboards all over town and touring Europe regularly. Today, Thomas is a well respected member of the Chicago music scene. For many years he has also worked as an instructor at Columbia College Chicago where he still designs and teaches courses for its Contemporary Urban Music Program (CUP) such as Pop-Jazz Keyboards & Theory, Applied Music Production with Logic Pro, Contemporary Arranging and Orchestration, Harmony & Rhythm, etc.. Thomas is also the creator and owner of several educational websites such as popjazzkeys.com and MusicTrainingOnline.
Visit http://www.ThomasGunther.com for more info.

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