About PopJazzKeys.com

Who is this website for?

By founder Thomas Gunther

This website is for all you wonderful contemporary pop-jazz pianists/keyboardists looking for ways to improve every aspect of your piano/keyboard playing, including related topics such as pop-jazz harmony, techniques for improvisation, song analyses, etc.. 
We do not just offer invaluable content for aspiring pop-jazz pianists and keyboardists. We also target those of you who use the keyboard as a second instrument. For example singer/song-writers who simply want to learn how to accompany themselves or write songs on the piano.

No matter your level of playing, PopJazzKeys is there to inspire and guide you, so that you can improve your playing faster no matter your goals.

Where You find guidance and inspiration

  • At PopJazzKeys.com you can always find something that sparks your interest, and helps you get better faster in regardless of what your pop-jazz keyboard playing related goals may be.
  • We offer free content through posts, video tutorials, discussions, as well as free mini courses.
  • We also provide you with premium content like e-courses, e-books, and other electronic media.
  • And of course you can sign up for virtual online private lesson with Thomas Gunther and other pro instructors. 

Which topics will you find here

The answer in a nutshell: all the topic as they relate to contemporary keyboard genres and styles such as jazz, rock, pop, blues, latin, gospel, soul, funk, and more.

Serving all these different genres and styles sounds more daunting than you might expect.
Think about it. All these contemporary genre and styles have actually a lot in common, starting with the piano technique itself, and topics such as techniques for improvisation, music theory (harmony, scales, ear training), etc..

My point is this: What ever genre or style you work on will ultimately help you with all the other style. You see, everything in music is interconnected. That's really great news.

What is My Vision for PopJazzKeys.com?

This website is just getting started, but I envision PopJazzKeys.com to grow into an invaluable resource and community tool for contemporary keyboard players.

In the near future I want everyone who wants to learn how to play jazz and and other popular music styles on the piano to make PopJazzKeys.com their go-to place on the web. The place where they can confidently go to find answers to all their keyboard playing related questions.