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PopJazzKeys.com is the place where pop-jazz pianists/keyboardists find guidance, inspiration, and invaluable answers to their keyboard playing related questions.

We focus on contemporary music genres and styles including Blues, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Pop, RnB, Funk, and Soul.

Informative articles, sheet music examples, and video tutorials will help improve every aspect of your keyboard playing skills no matter your level of playing.

In addition we offer online private lessons, webinars, and courses to supercharge your progress.

A Note From Thomas Gunther (creator of PopJazzKeys.com)

How it started

Originally I created PopJazzKeys.com for my Pop/Jazz Keyboard students at Columbia College Chicago. I needed a place on the web where I could post articles and instructional videos for them. It proved to be an excellent idea. Soon I created also posts for my private students.

The Future of PopJazzKeys.com

I envision PopJazzKeys.com to grow into one of the best online sources for contemporary keyboard players.
It’s where pop/jazz keyboard players can confidently go to find inspiration and invaluable answers to their keyboard playing related questions.

Thomas Gunther – Founder

About the founder of PopJazzKeys

To Learn more about me – Thomas Gunther (alias Thommy Günther) check me out on LinkedIn Profile or visit Thomas Gunther’s official website.