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Chords & Voicings

A Deep Dive into Upper Structure Chords

This course explains everything related to Upper Structure Chords:
•what they are,
•how they work,
• what they are used for.
Plenty of examples demonstrate how to apply the different type of Upper Structure Chords to a diversity of jazz and pop styles on the piano/keyboard.
The material presented can also easily be adapted to arrange and harmonize melodies, not just at the piano but for all kinds of instrumentations.

1 Lesson

All Levels

Harmony and Chord Progressions

A Deep Dive Into Predominant Chords

What You Get Out Of This Course
The primary objective of this course is to give you the means to write and play beautiful chord progressions by employing any of the many predominant chords you will learn about.
This course covers every aspect of those predominant chords, and shows you how you can immediately apply them to the keyboard and your compositions in creative ways.

In the process you will be introduced to the most important jazz and pop music progressions, who are the foundation of so many famous songs.

But since this is a course, it also focuses on how to effectively practice and play those progressions on the keyboard in different styles and genre. No matter what level of playing, I know this will be of great value to anyone.

Module 1 gives an overview of all the different predominant chord types discussed in this course, and the theory behind them.

Module 2 is divided into chapters with each chapter discussing one specific predominant type. After a detailed explanation you will be presented with examples of important jazz and pop music progressions featuring that chord. Those examples are then followed up with exercises and tips on how you can apply them to your own compositions and arrangements.

Those examples are presented as videos with a close-up view of my hands and the transcription.

6 Lessons

Intermediate to Advanced

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