December 3


Oh Christmas Tree

By Thomas Gunther

December 3, 2022

Christmas Music, Jazz Piano

Oh Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum)

Oh Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum in German) is one of the most popular Christmas songs in Germany. I decided to create two completely different arrangements. 

Oh Christmas Tree - Solo Piano Arrangement No. 1

"The original song is based on a very simple harmonic progression. In contrast, my first version uses advanced jazz harmonization techniques resulting in unexpected harmonic twists and turns. 

This arrangement is in a jazz ballade style, but without strict time. This means that it can be interpreted like a piece written during the Romantic era with a Chopin type of feel. 

Who is it most suited for?

Everyone who likes listening to jazzy versions of old familiar songs. Musicians who are interested it contemporary and sophisticated harmony and jazz voicings will particularly enjoy it.

Who is best suited to play this arrangement?

I recommend this arrangement for intermediate- to advanced jazz and classical pianists.
Jazz pianists will love the included jazz chord symbols, which help them with analyzing and memorizing the arrangement.
Classical pianists who love jazz, but do not know how to develop their own arrangement from lead sheet, will be able to sound like a jazz pianist. They can easily apply their classical technique and interpretations to my arrangement.
Studying this arrangement can help enhance your knowledge about jazz harmony.

Get the sheet music

 Great news! You can purchase the beautifully written sheet music (3 pages with jazz chord symbols) of my Oh Christmas Song Arrangement No. 1 for only 5 Dollars at and

In the video below you get a close-up look of my hands while I am performing the arrangement

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Oh Christmas Tree - Solo Piano Arrangement No. 2

This arrangement of Oh Christmas Tree has a "Take Five" kind of feel to it.  It is written in 5/4 time with a swing feel. The harmonies are also quite sophisticated.

 Great news! You can purchase the beautifully written sheet music (3 pages with jazz chord symbols) of my Oh Christmas Song Arrangement No. 2 (in 5/4 time) for only $4.99 at and

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Thomas Gunther

About the author

Thomas Gunther (Thommy Günther) is a versatile internationally active jazz pianist and keyboardist, music producer, and music educator. Born in Germany, Thomas moved to Chicago after receiving his masters in teaching and performing popular music and jazz piano (from the State University of Arts & Music Stuttgart/Germany) to become the principle pianist with the Chicago Jazz Ensemble. Soon he formed his own bands playing piano and keyboards all over town and touring Europe regularly. Today, Thomas is a well respected member of the Chicago music scene. For many years he has also worked as an instructor at Columbia College Chicago where he still designs and teaches courses for its Contemporary Urban Music Program (CUP) such as Pop-Jazz Keyboards & Theory, Applied Music Production with Logic Pro, Contemporary Arranging and Orchestration, Harmony & Rhythm, etc.. Thomas is also the creator and owner of several educational websites such as and MusicTrainingOnline.
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