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Thomas Gunther plays solo piano in bar with hat

What you find on this page

This page gives you links to all of our jazz and pop arrangements for solo piano. For now, those arrangements are all created by me - Thomas Gunther.  My plan however is that we will soon include solo piano arrangements by other contributors.

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Who are These Pop-Jazz solo piano arrangements for?

I am convinced that these arrangements serve both, classical pianists and jazz-pop pianists. Here is how:

• Great for Classical Pianists

The arrangements are great for classical pianists who like to play pop and jazz music, but don't know (yet) how to create their own arrangements from just a lead sheet that only gives them the melody and popular music chord symbols.

It can also serve them as a first step towards learning about the inner workings of pop and jazz. And by playing the arrangements they familiarize their ear with more contemporary sounds, which may inspire them to dive deeper into pop and jazz music.

• Great For Pop and Jazz pianists

The arrangements are also great for pop-jazz pianists. For example, playing and studying a written out piano solo arrangement (or a transcription of a famous solo piano recording) - especially those that include popular music chord symbols - is a great way of developing new arranging skill. And for those who already arrange music for solo piano, it can be a source for inspiration.

How are the arrangements presented?

First, you can watch the free videos that feature a performance of each arrangement with a close-up view of the hands alongside the sheet music.

After that you may decide to get yourself a copy of the sheet music (free or through purchase). You will find links for that here as well.

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